Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flipbook island Looks Inhabitable

I built this awesome online flipbook Theme Park, and put it on an island because It keeps the locals from hopping the fence, now that you need a ship to get there.

The name of this place is Flipbook Island. I am proud to announce that it is by far, tue most organized assembly of flipbooks on any blog. it looks professional.

I'm tying down a few loose ends with the graphics, and hope to post additional info on how to assemble computer graphics, either here on Kid Analog dot Blogspot, or possibly another if I decide that it needs a special home.

To keep it consistent, I did include some animated GIFs, exported from files built in an old version of Flash that I've had for eternity.

Flipbook Island

This is only the first of many updates and shout-outs given to Flipbook Island by Kid Analog.

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