Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deejaying Skills: Illustrated

Two things to know how to do as a deejay:

1. Be able to coordinate beats per minute.

2. Comprehend midi drum sequences and speak the language.

Not many Deejays can do both. What's remarkable about the art of deejaying? Almost everyone learns on their own!

Im not going to show you everything, but if you search ye olde website ( you will find detailed information about how to deejay.

Why BoT needs coffee

This is not difficult to explain.

The bot does not need electricity in a conventional sense.

It uses the acidity of coffee to fuel its electrical components.

It flushes out the coffee when it has no more electrolytic properties. Then it fills up with more coffee.

Kid Analog wanted to design the bot with an ability to run on fuel that was cheap and abundantly available. Coffee became the best option.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's Paper Computer All About?

What kind of stuff can you learn by playing Paper Computer Game?  All kinds of stuff.

For example, if you know how a character moves...

Humanoid Parameters

Jump = +2vert
Duck, Jump = +3vert
or Run, Jump = +2vert, +4horiz

Then you know for sure if you can solve the levels.

Watch out for additional "Objects" such as the rare "Earthquake Lever."

Hop up on stuff like an old-school Lego.

Once you have accomplished an understanding of what the meaning behind this project is, you can proceed to start developing creatures and objects.  Elements, essentially, that recur throughout the setting of the videogame that you are creating.

You can define appearance, behavior, and how the things interact.  Define appearance by drawing the item 3 times, being able to recreate the same visual appearance from mem.

8 is the recommended number of Creatures and Objects you should draw.  4 would be sufficient.  2 and that's almost not enough.  Try to draw 8 a piece.

These creatures and objects will be all over your videogame so get used to looking at them.  Try to think about all of the possible ways they could behave.  Think of how your Humanoid will interact with them.

It can be a talking game, a running and fighting game, or even just a walk around and beat the level type of game.

In any case, that's just how it all goes down.

Coming soon, the game "Android."
And the game "Bot."

Also, "Parameters."

And, "EarthRock."

These are not just games on computer.   They're games you need to design on paper.  The instructions inside of Paper Computer show you how you can develop awesome videogame-quality flipbooks.

Stop playing videogames and start making them.  Flipbooks are the first step.  If you can prove what you are capable of, others will perhaps step in and form a group.

Paper Computer

Imagine a game that you can play on paper, which looks and resembles an actual videogame.

You wouldn't need to plug in anymore!
MORE IMPORTANTLY, You Do The Thinking!@

Don't let computers do all the thinking for you.
Learn how to increase your own mental processing speed with Analogue Flipbooks, only available through Stereomedia.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flipbook Island Voting Machine

Consider yourself encouraged. 

Hey!  If you like Kid Analog Cartoons, you're gonna love Kid Analog Flipbooks.  They're available all across the website that was built just for them:  Flipbook Island Dot Blogspot Dot Com.  

Here are some examples of what to expect from that website: