Thursday, July 14, 2011

CafePress Shop

Know where to get awesome Kid Analog merchandise?  Cafepress!  That's where!

$12 Coffeemugs, teaching you your favorite lesson in animation.  You might even find some doggy hoodies that say "L.A.P.D.og" if you find those sorts of puns entertaining.

The term "pun" was a short-lived preposition, preposterously located in a precarious position between Rome and London in the centre of France.  It came from its own definition, and with every appearance it brings a closely related word, which is "fun."

Puns are poetic and keep everything copasetic.
Then again, maybe you just don't get it?   (♪♫♬♬♩)

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Definition: Philosophy

All philosophy comes from that first piece of paper that you pick up, and grab that pen, and assemble an arbitrary list of rules you followed anyway, before you wrote them down.

Now that they're written down, you must justify them to everyone. And you feel somewhat exposed, for having all your strict, rigid, numbered rules on that piece of paper, for all to see.

That, you see, is the true nature of philosophy.

Movie: SquirrelDay

it's just like groundhog day except a character relives the same day 3x, each time navigating it with a better outcome. The 3rd time, he succeeds and finds "release."

Another character is just 300x older than everyone. He has seen the world change and through history, there always exists the man who repeats 3.

They coincide in timeline, many times. But the elder 300 year old man only knows the man from the third life.

It's lessons in longevity. It's wrong or right. It's a whole bunch of things, especially movies in my mind I watch while walking at night.

(this picture was taken in the daytime).


"Animate" comes from a Latin word meaning "the mind" or animus. It means that you are giving an image a "mind" of it's own, if you will.

All animation is attention-grabbing, that's for sure. Why that works is a trick of the mind, making the skill something of a modern day magic trick.

When you use that power, it can motivate people to want to try it.

There are several different ways to animate. Here are ones I know: flipbooks, which you can find references on How-to's over at And stop-motion, which is viewable on LSaristotle.

Several other methods exist. A major one is Flash Animation. I cant demonstrate it as a skill just yet because I haven't mastered it. I'm looking for someone who can work with me on a Flash Cartoon, similar to Homestar. Kid Analog the website is supposed to look like that.

meanwhile in the real world, Kid Analog volunteers for Jimmy Day to restore a room desparately in need of cleaning. Jim pays me in oscilloscopes and old computers. It's all he's got. Theres just no money, All we got is stuff that others have thrown away.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pinball Game Fact

Did you know that the boards in the background of the old pinball games were made using a technique known as screenprinting? I think that's kind of cool.

Problem #210

This is known as a "Problem."
I draw them just to solve em.
And if it's unresolved then,
We can make another drawing.

Marked in differentiating levels of complexity based on the difficulty
of the original issue, Problems drawings are analogies for real
world issues. Here is #210.

I can't remember what the actual
issue is, because it has been solved.

Origins of Bluegrass

Uncle Jeb next door made his grass all blue. The kids in town didn't know what to do. Lil' Man went down to talk to him for a few.
There he was, on his porch in the middle. A rocking chair; placed on his lap was a fiddle. They talked for a little, deciding little to do about what's to be done when the lawn is all blue.

Jeb said: "I did it on purpose! You kids all deserve this! You're wasting the water, that's why it turned blue!"

But Lil man saw the lawnmower hooked up with the food coloring and knew the invention was why it was blue.

Have a good day to you!

Flipbook island Looks Inhabitable

I built this awesome online flipbook Theme Park, and put it on an island because It keeps the locals from hopping the fence, now that you need a ship to get there.

The name of this place is Flipbook Island. I am proud to announce that it is by far, tue most organized assembly of flipbooks on any blog. it looks professional.

I'm tying down a few loose ends with the graphics, and hope to post additional info on how to assemble computer graphics, either here on Kid Analog dot Blogspot, or possibly another if I decide that it needs a special home.

To keep it consistent, I did include some animated GIFs, exported from files built in an old version of Flash that I've had for eternity.

Flipbook Island

This is only the first of many updates and shout-outs given to Flipbook Island by Kid Analog.

Welcome to Kid Analog: Cartoon Blog

So this is it. The Kid Analog blog. Never thought it would happen, yet here I am. It's going down!

I am going to take photos and videos of my drawings, and upload it all here. Again, these will all be photographs of illustrations. If you want to have the originals, then maybe I can scan them. Alright, fine, some will be scanned.

But none will be scammed! Unless it's a cartoon about a flim flam man getting knocked in his can by a old prospector man with a frying pan.

That's what to expect.