Wednesday, July 13, 2011


"Animate" comes from a Latin word meaning "the mind" or animus. It means that you are giving an image a "mind" of it's own, if you will.

All animation is attention-grabbing, that's for sure. Why that works is a trick of the mind, making the skill something of a modern day magic trick.

When you use that power, it can motivate people to want to try it.

There are several different ways to animate. Here are ones I know: flipbooks, which you can find references on How-to's over at And stop-motion, which is viewable on LSaristotle.

Several other methods exist. A major one is Flash Animation. I cant demonstrate it as a skill just yet because I haven't mastered it. I'm looking for someone who can work with me on a Flash Cartoon, similar to Homestar. Kid Analog the website is supposed to look like that.

meanwhile in the real world, Kid Analog volunteers for Jimmy Day to restore a room desparately in need of cleaning. Jim pays me in oscilloscopes and old computers. It's all he's got. Theres just no money, All we got is stuff that others have thrown away.

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