Thursday, July 14, 2011

CafePress Shop

Know where to get awesome Kid Analog merchandise?  Cafepress!  That's where!

$12 Coffeemugs, teaching you your favorite lesson in animation.  You might even find some doggy hoodies that say "L.A.P.D.og" if you find those sorts of puns entertaining.

The term "pun" was a short-lived preposition, preposterously located in a precarious position between Rome and London in the centre of France.  It came from its own definition, and with every appearance it brings a closely related word, which is "fun."

Puns are poetic and keep everything copasetic.
Then again, maybe you just don't get it?   (♪♫♬♬♩)

Enter the Kid Analog Cafepress site [HERE].  

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