Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Skateboard Music: A Guide.

Here is how to perform the trick known as the pop shovit.  This is a standard trick of the first category for difficulty. 
Each illustration gives you a series of intrumentations.  First line, the song that goes with the trick.  For every trick, there is a coordination of notes which must be "recited" in order for you to land it.

One part is the foot placement.  Here is what tells you where your feet will generally know where to move.  Next, below it, is the board movement.  Or, where the board will move.  On this, the feet are recognized as "A" and "B" while they ought to really be known as "L" and "R" this was a rough draft, after all.

More tricks. 
Kid Analog wrote this title back in 1996, when he was still learning how to skate.  Every new trick learned, the lil' alien wrote how he was supposed to perform it.

This is a trick that requires close attention

Yes, there are Flipbooks

Here is a slideshow.

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